A guide to blizzard supplies, life in an Upper West Side boat, and more

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Apartment essentials to have on hand for this maybe-blizzard (DNAinfo)

What it's like to live in the 79th Street Boat Basin, even in the dead of winter (West Side Rag)

Confirmed: NYC real estate prices are just a *little* higher than they were back in 2000 (Gothamist)

Rich people are already plotting ways around the Treasury's new LLC crackdown (The Real Deal)

A very important NYC neighborhood pizza guide (Thrillist)

So, your upstairs neighbors regularly host dance competitions... (Curbed)

Replacing your countertops? Consider going beyond the usual granite (WSJ)

Well, here's one way to lower the chances of a fatal hit-and-run in your neighborhood (Gothamist)

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