Good Neighboring: Take my apartment, please

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"The nicest thing a neighbor ever did for me was to give me his apartment when he left the city! One day he came down the stairs from his walkup to the street-level store where I worked. In his hand was a set of keys.

'I'm leaving the city,' he said. 'One of the best things about living here was seeing you smile every morning as I left the building. If you need a place to live, I'll introduce you to my landlord.'

Okay, his 'landlord' was a Jamaican drug dealer from whom he was illegally subletting the apartment. But I got the keys to a one-bedroom on Montague Street, just a few blocks from the Promenade, for sixty dollars a month. It was my first apartment in New York." -- Marlena Corcoran

Have story about a NYC neighbor who did something nice for you?  Tell us about it so we can spread a little neighborliness among vertical dwellers.  

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