Good Neighboring: This one goes way beyond sugar

By Teri Karush Rogers | March 4, 2010 - 11:07AM 
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"A few years ago, my next door neighbors--a wonderful couple I had known very well for 10 years and refer to as my Jewish Parents--came by and asked me if I liked to travel - which anyone who knows me knows to be very true. Of course I said YES!

Them: 'We've had a time share in St. Martin for the last 15 years and are done going. Would you like to go?'

Me: 'Wonderful!  YES!!  How much?'

Them: 'It's free -- we would like to give it to you.'

Me: 'What a nice holiday gift! Next year when you go back I will be jealous!'

Them: 'No - we are giving it to you forever.'

Apparently, their grown children did not enjoy the beach or traveling.

Me: 'WHAT???'

For the last five years I have been enjoying St. Martin.  I’m about to go again in three weeks. Every year when I'm planning to go we talk about the places they have gone and compare notes.  They still live next door and we walk our dogs together every night."

--Submitted by an anonymous Manhattan co-op dweller

Have story about a NYC neighbor who did something nice for you?  Tell us about it so we can spread a little neighborliness among vertical dwellers. 

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