Good Neighboring: Xanax, fire escape heroics, and a laundry surprise

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Last week’s post featuring random acts of neighbor kindness was so well received that we’ve decided to make it a weekly tradition.  Send us your stories and each week we will bring you at least one example of chivalry among vertical dwellers.

This week’s unsung heroes:

  • "I once got locked out of my bedroom in my old apartment in the East Village. (The wind slammed shut and somehow locked it too from the inside out--ghosts, anyone?) My next door neighbor carefully broke into my apartment through the fire escape in the pouring rain. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in NYC" .-- Rachel
  • “I had a rough day at work and received a nasty email from my boss on the way home.  I was so tense that I plopped down on our front stoop to settle down and breathe deeply. A neighbor asked if I forgot my keys and I said, 'No, I just had a rough day and am trying to calm down.' Fifteen minutes later he knocked on my door and offered me a Xanax, which I didn't take because I am not comfy taking drugs from people I barely know, but I thanked him for his thoughtfulness.  Only in New York.” -- Nicole Albano
  • “Today I left my laundry in the dryer of my West Village apartment building because I put it in late at night and didn't have time to fold it before work.  When I came home all the laundry was perfectly folded.  It may not seem like such a grand gesture, but after a hard day of work, it was a pleasant surprise.” -- Jon Bier 

Have story about a NYC neighbor who did something nice for you?  Tell us about it so we can spread a little neighborliness among vertical dwellers.