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Apartments with low carrying costs, complying with NYC's new emission rules, & more

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By Emily Myers  |
March 31, 2023 - 2:30PM
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This week, Brick Underground readers wanted advice on how to find apartments in buildings with low carrying costs. Buying is a lot more feasible if your common charges or maintenance don't stretch your wallet. One option is to revise your list of must-have amenities or scale them back completely. Another route is to find buildings with tax abatements. 

Also of interest: Our Ask An Expert column addresses what it means if there's a two-year gap in the financial statements of a co-op you want to buy. Lawyers say it raises concerns and offer advice to anyone in this situation. 

Here are this week's top five posts: 

1) A condo or co-op with lower carrying costs can make buying more doable. Here's where to find one

2) I can't get the last two years of financial statements for a co-op I want to buy. Is this a red flag?

3) What to know about upgrading the windows in your NYC apartment or townhouse

4) From Scarsdale to the UES: We wanted to be close to our sons and grandkid and live in our old neighborhood 

5) Confused about how to comply with Local Law 97? Here are five steps your NYC apartment building can take

Headshot of Emily Myers

Emily Myers

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