Neighborly nuisances, and how to avoid them

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | May 9, 2012 - 2:43PM

Along with a sitcom-sized apartment, we’d all love to have a Monica/Rachel -Joey/Chandler neighbor situation where your neighbor also happens to be your best friend.

In NYC reality, though, neighbors can be nuisances. In this week's SurvivalList we've rounded up some of our favorite neighbor-focused BrickUnderground posts to help you deal with just about any situation.

Whether your problems are odor/smoke related--say, dealing with constant cigarette smoke or a serious pot smoker--noise related, like loud sex and pianos, or even more serious--like living next door to a brothel--we can give you some pointers.

Of course, all of that (yes, even the brothel) seems like child’s play if you’ve got a neighbor you suspect has bed bugs.

Even if you get along swimmingly with your (bug-free) neighbors, there are some issues that might arise -- like laundry room etiquette and whether or not it's cool (or even legal) to leave strollers/shoes in common spaces.

Then there are those neighborly conundrums even live on after death -- like how soon is too soon to ask a loved one about the availability of the deceased's apartment?

And what if you find out that you -- with your noisy, dusty renovationconstantly barking dog or rowdy sex -- are actually the problem neighbor? Well, there's hope for that, too. Read more below.

Odors, noise, crime and other neighborly nuisances

Common-space infractions

Nosey/snoopy neighbors

Neighbors with bed bugs

What if you're the annoying neighbor?

Strategies for dealing with the neighbors







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