Top 10 NYC Neighbors

By Alana Mayman | May 3, 2011 - 12:45PM 

So many NYC neighbor stories focus on the loud, disturbed, or disgusting.  But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, the person staring straight ahead in the elevator may just be the neighbor of your dreams...

Top 10 Neighbors We Wouldn't Mind Having

  1. Time Warner Cable executive (lighting fast Internet, no outtages)
  2. Board president who wants you to keep his pot habit secret from the rest of the building
  3. Doctor with a loose script pad - Z-Pacs and Klonopin for everyone!
  4. School admissions counsellor who just happens to adore your kids
  5. Vogue staffer with limited closet space (HELLO FREE CHANEL HANDBAGS)
  6. Hot person-of-desired-gender across the airshaft who undresses with the blinds up
  7. Food stylist and test chef for Food Network married to a wine distributor 
  8. Madison Square Garden employee who can get you tickets to ANYTHING
  9. Toy distributor with access to high-demand BeyBlades
  10. An older couple who winters in Florida, summers in the Hamptons, and ask you to look in on their 2,000 square foot terrace once in awhile.  

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