Terrible Listings Photos

A houseplant in a toilet is probably the nicest amenity in these terrible listing photos

By Brick Underground  | November 6, 2017 - 10:00AM
terrible listings photos

As the human world sleeps, they slowly emerge from the drains to take over.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

If you've ever sold an apartment or house, or searched online for properties to buy (or rent) you've noticed that good pictures make the listing. For whatever reason, this fact isn't considered by all, as evidenced by the number of terrible photos that are out there.

Andy Donaldson of the Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos website and book has a talent for finding the worst of the worst. Here is his latest batch of photos, along with his signature commentary:

terrible listings photos

Just when it thought it might have escaped justice, police began to ask questions of Michael’s fridge.

terrible listings photos

For many young runaways, life in the Big City isn’t what they’d hoped for.


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