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We suggest you keep people out of your listings photos

By BrickUnderground  | November 16, 2015 - 1:59PM

Yes, it's a kick to spot a person in a listing photo where they really don't belong. But, let's be real, they won't sell your apartment. These listings are particularly ridiculous, though; we don't think we'll ever stop laughing at the photo above.

This week's whole batch of questionable listings photos comes courtesy of Andy Donaldson, the man behind the Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs blog and book, complete with Donaldson's own commentary.

This property comes fully furnished, and densely populated.

The seller is offering 15% off the asking price if you also take Mr & Mrs Windthorpe.

Never rush a photograph.  Even if an intruder is literally pressed up against the window immediately behind you.


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