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This UWS one bedroom has high ceilings, (relatively) low rent, and storage space galore

By Nathan Tempey  | August 7, 2018 - 12:00PM

The ceilings are 11 feet tall and the windows overlook a garden.

Balass Ralph/StreetEasy

Brownstone apartment living has its downsides, stairs being a biggie, but for the spry renter who can do without a doorman, there's plenty to like about the arrangement. Case in point is this Upper West Side one bedroom listed for $2,550 a month, which is significantly below the neighborhood's median listing price of $3,150 for a one bedroom.

Located at 218 West 79th St., apartment #2B is described as being up two flights of stairs (ugh). But with that comes lots of light, purportedly 11-foot ceilings, and lots of space, including a storage loft that runs the length of the kitchen.

Also speaking for the listing is the location. The apartment is half a block from the 79th Street 1 train, four blocks from the B and C at 81st Street, and four blocks from Central Park. Bars, cafes, and restaurants abound just outside the front door, and nearby Broadway is lined with bigger stores, including Zabar's.

As for the apartment itself, here's a closer look at what's inside.


The living room has a big window and includes a decorative mantel.


The small bedroom is nothing to write home about, but it does have a closet and space for a tiny desk.


The bathroom looks clean in the photo, but also like it hasn't been renovated in a while.


When it comes to the kitchen, it looks like the owner has spared some expense, meaning the cabinets and appliances aren't what we'd call top of the line, and counter space is in short supply.


Still, as mentioned, there is a huge amount of storage space overhead, and in the common room you can see additional storage cupboards in the wall. There are three closets in all, according to the listing.

The bedroom is described as part of the building's extension, which "provides added privacy & makes this a great apartment for a couple." Do with this information what you will.

The building has laundry, and the landlord accepts guarantors. No dogs allowed, though.



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