Would You Rather?

Space vs. view: Which will it be, New Yorkers?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | February 27, 2017 - 2:59PM

In a city whose visual beauty has been immortalized in iconic photos too numerous to count, who doesn't want a view? Many of us would be willing to go Kondo and live with less stuff if we could just get some light, air, and a decent vista. To test out this premise we posed the question: Would you sacrifice square footage for a killer view? These five New Yorkers are pretty much on the same page:

There’s nothing like a skyline view You can get a big apartment anywhere, but I’d much rather have a small apartment with a great view. After all, you can’t get a New York City view anywhere but here.—Jacqui, Financial District

I don’t care if I stare at a brick wall Having room to stretch, pace, and not stub your toe on every random piece of furniture beats out skyline views any day. Plus, with a larger space you can compensate for a lack of window appeal with art and furniture that hasn’t been scaled to fit in a doll house.—Dylan, Fort Greene

My views rock I get to wake up looking at an unobstructed view of the New York City skyline. I’d rather have a smaller apartment with a great view rather than a larger apartment with no view any day of the week.—Grace, Gramercy Park

Co-habitating means we need space A view is always nice and natural light is key but space has become even more important now that my girlfriend has moved into my apartment. When I was living alone, the closets, bathroom and living space seemed large, but since she moved in, we’d both agree that we could use more space. We’re willing to give up the view for it!—John, Tribeca (pictured below)


Less space equals more freedom I prefer a small apartment with an okay view in a great location and for a great price over more space any day. As individuals, we don’t take up much space, it’s our stuff that does. And having a larger apartment allows for more stuff, which only adds up.—Felice, Upper West Side

The verdict: Views! Small feels large when you have something to admire out the window.

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