Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: Dreaming of radiant floor heat and a window with an actual view of the outside

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Radiant heat, dull details, and some serious space makeovers. Six New Yorkers have a smorgasbord of home improvements wants and needs.

  • Warmer floors: I’ve always wanted radiant floor heating. I have been dreaming of having this incredibly amazing, toe-warming feature, ever since I stayed at a friend’s home who had heated floors -Brad, Brooklyn Heights
  • Moldings without layers of paint: I wish my apartment didn't have layers and layers of paint caked onto the molding which really shows and takes away any detail -- I can paint over the walls but the moulding (and light switches! and electrical outlets!) is hard to fix and looks amateur. -Brian, Murray Hill
  • An unbricked window: I would change the bathrooms…the former owner bricked in bathroom windows that looked into an unattractive courtyard, at the same time causing the apartment to lose light.  -Patricia, Upper East Side
  • A bathtub big enough for an adult: I would get a new bathtub; ideally a large soaking one, rather than the small shallow one I currently have.  I'd also repaint my bedroom, redo the hardwood floors and get a grownup couch rather than the futon I currently have. -Karron,  Williamsburg
  • A one-handled bathroom faucet: Just a minor change…also a major one. I'd like to change my bathroom sink to a style that is one handle (not one per temperature). Also the floors and ceiling need to be level. -Laura, Upper East Side
  • Everything:  I would change the size of the apartment, add closet space, re-do my floors, re-do my bathroom, re-carpet the stairs that lead to my apartment, have a property manager that actually came by to take care of the garbage and front of the home, install stronger doors, add a security alarm like ADT, change the dysfunctional thermostat, and upgrade the 1950’s windows to more energy efficient windows from this century. - Jeff, Bronx

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