Poll: What's your number one gripe about your NYC apartment?

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Absent boatloads of cash, it's notoriously difficult to find an apartment in New York City that includes every item on your wishlist. If you're on a budget, it's often a matter of some tricky prioritizing: Does size matter to you more than location? Are you willing to give up conveniences that would be a given elsewhere—like laundry facilities and a dishwasher—for a more reasonable monthly rent? Willing to grin and bear it when the upstairs neighbors wake you up with their late-night furniture rearranging, because you get to live close to great bars and restaurants? 

It's inevitable for most New Yorkers to end up with some kind of "quirk" to their apartment that drives them crazy. We want to know what it is for you: Take our poll and share your number one gripe about your NYC home. (Scroll down to make sure you answer all three questions. And please hit refresh if it doesn't load the first time.) Perhaps doing a little venting will help you de-stress? 


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