Would You Rather?

Which is the most coveted NYC appliance: Dishwasher or washing machine?

By Mayra David | September 19, 2016 - 2:59PM 

Whether it is due to a lack of space, plumbing issues, or a less-than-adventurous board, countless New Yorkers must go without basic home appliances like a washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher. But we're resilient: We make it work with countless laundry services, food delivery, and dining options the city has to offer. So, it’s perennially interesting hear what New Yorkers have to say when asked: When it comes to "extra" amenities, would you rather have a washer and dryer, or a dishwasher?

  • Going mental I would rather have a washer and dryer, no question! I don’t mind hand-washing dishes but I have a mental block for leaving my apartment to do laundry. It would be much more seamless to be able to throw a load in while doing other things, or late at night. Right now, I am a slave to the hours of the laundromat and put far too much throught into avoiding the “busy times.” —Barbara, Upper West Side (pictured below)
  • Laundry? Fuggedaboutit. A washing machine would be a dream come true. No more hauling laundry to places, being chained to the laundry process for hours. Just throw it in. And if I forget to dry them right after, just wash it again if stuff gets smelly. —Lukas, Chelsea
  • Restaurants to the rescue Washer and dryer. I don’t cook much anyway. I like to go out for meals and I’m out working most of the time anyway, and there’s take out. —John, Chelsea
  • Roommate cons vs parental pros Dishwasher because my roommates are really bad at doing dishes. Laundry is, like, two hours every once in a while. Plus, I can do it at my parents' home. And I have an Old Navy close by the office... if I know I’m running low on basics, I have been known to pop in and get some cheap stuff. —Jess, Midtown West
  • OCD over W/D Washer and dryer! Laundry is expensive, especially because I’m slightly obsessive compulsive with separating the washing; there’s darks, whites, delicates, bedding, rugs, dog’s laundry… yeah. —Angela, Hamilton Heights (pictured below)
  • Girls just wanna have fun I’ll say washer and dryer even though I’d rather have both. The process of doing laundry is exhausting and takes such a long time and ruins your chances of a fun weekend. —Marion, Harlem
  • Chef’s choice I hate doing dishes, especially pots. I do bake and cook a lot. So maybe a dishwasher is better for me since I use that everyday. Laundry is an annoying but less frequent chore. —Regina, Hamilton Heights
  • Kids and the city I have a kid, so both are absolutely necessary. If I had to give one up, it would be the dishwasher I guess. Because dishes are easier to get clean than soiled clothing. —Jackie, South Harlem
  • The multi-tasker Probably a washer and dryer. So I can just do laundry whenever I want and do work, or cook, or something at the same time. —Clarence, Bay Ridge

Verdict: Laundry wins. Oh, the luxury!


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