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How one mom decided to stay in her small Brooklyn walk-up

Really, the real estate market made the decision for her.
By Nathan Tempey  | December 1, 2017 - 9:00AM

New York's real estate market is notoriously punishing for the average person, i.e. everyone without millions to spend. This month on The Brick Underground Podcast, hosts Nathan Tempey and Alanna Schubach caught up with Brick editor Georgia Kral, who told us about the daunting search for a house that she embarked on while pregnant with her second child. She looked in the suburbs and the exurbs, Bed-Stuy and Bay Ridge, and when all was said and done, realized that she couldn't afford to buy anywhere that she'd want to, even with a budget of over $750,000. And so she and her husband are sticking it out for now, raising two young kids in a fourth-floor walk-up in Crown Heights.

The small co-op building is nice, as Georgia explains, and she even enjoyed her time as a member of the board. The main drawback, aside from the stairs, is the size: the apartment is so small that she's moving into the nursery, and doing without a dresser, for now.

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