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How to move to Westchester, how to vet a new neighborhood, and more of the week's top stories

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With a new year approaching, some Brick Underground readers seem to be wondering whether it's time to make a change. Our most-read stories this week offered guidance on relocating to the suburbs, scoping out a new neighborhood before moving there, and, for those who would rather stay put, negotiating lease renewals. 

Here's the full list of this week's top five most popular pieces. 

1. 10 things every New Yorker considering a move to Westchester should keep in mind

2. 10 places to check out in a NYC neighborhood before you move there

3. The real value of having a storage unit in your NYC apartment building

4. 8 tips for negotiating your lease renewal in a slowing rental market

5. This loft-like UES studio needs work, but the price is right