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Rent-to-own comes to NYC, 7 ways to get your landlord to fix stuff, & more

By Austin Havens-Bowen  |
October 18, 2019 - 1:00PM

This week, readers visited Brick Underground for advice on the best ways to get your landlord to fix things in your apartment, including putting your request in writing and calling 311 if you've exhausted all options and your landlord still hasn't done the job.

Also of interest: A story about a NYC housing lottery winner who applied many times over five years until she won a brand-new studio in Long Island City. She shares how she discovered the lottery, what the process was like, and how she feels about the unexpected culture clash in her new building.

Here, in full, are the week’s top stories.

1) The pros and cons of rent-to-own in NYC

2) The 7 best ways to get your landlord to fix stuff in your apartment

3) The 3 best websites for buying a co-op or condo apartment (or entire brownstone) in NYC

4) Rents are up in Manhattan and Brooklyn (again), thanks to reluctant buyers

5) I won a $908 studio in Long Island City in NYC's housing lottery, but I didn't count on the culture shock

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Austin Havens-Bowen

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Staff writer Austin Havens-Bowen covers the rental market and answers renters' questions in a column called Realty Bites. He previously reported on local news for the Queens Ledger and The Hunts Point Express in the Bronx. He graduated from Hunter College with a BA in media studies. He rents a one-bedroom apartment in Astoria with his boyfriend and their two cats.

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