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Confessions of a co-op refugee, brokers get candid on race, and more of the week's top stories

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This week, readers wanted to get real: Our top two posts featured a former co-op owner dishing on her ordeal with the board, and real estate agents speaking frankly about how they steer buyers based on the racial makeup of neighborhoods. There was some lighter fare, as well, including a look inside a cute Williamsburg loft. 

Here, in full, are the most read stories of the week: 

1. Why I'll never buy an NYC co-op again

2. "I see racism in the market:" Brokers get candid in a new study 

3. Looking for a house in NYC that doesn't cost (as big) a fortune? Here are some pointers

4. What not to skimp on when getting ready to sell your NYC apartment 

5. A studio loft in Williamsburg that's priced right in the middle for Brooklyn