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Why my UES rent-stabilized apartment is a hot deal, hanging out at a co-living event, & more top stories

By Jennifer White Karp | August 3, 2018 - 2:00PM 

This week, readers gravitated toward up-close-and-personal experiences with New York City real estate, with a tale of what it’s like to live in an Upper East Side rent-stabilized studio where a restaurant on the first floor causes some smelly problems, and a glimpse at what you can expect from one co-living building (like a smart bed that tracks your sleep habits).

Here, in full, are the top five most-read stories of the last week:

1) Five years later, my UES rent-stabilized luxury studio is still a 'hot' deal—especially when the AC is out

2) I went to the opening of a co-living space in Williamsburg and felt 'hella old'

3) My love-hate relationship with the Windsor Terrace house I fell head-over-heels for 17 years ago

4) 10 things I learned from my Bed-Stuy brownstone renovation

5) Renters beware: 14 things to look out for in that lease

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