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10 best and worst neighborhoods in Queens for on-street parking, when you have to pay your landlord's legal fees, & more top stories

By Jennifer White Karp | June 29, 2018 - 2:00PM 

This week, readers clicked on stories that examined the best and the worst parts of living in New York City, with a ranking of the neighborhoods where you’ll have luck finding on-street parking in Queens, and the Queens neighborhoods where you probably won’t have much luck at all, plus a discussion of when you’re on the hook for your landlord’s attorney’s fees, and a look at what life is like in Central Harlem these days, among our most read.  

Here, in full, are the top five most-read stories of the last week:

1) 10 best and worst neighborhoods in Queens for parking on the street

2) Ask Sam: Can my landlord make me pay his legal fees? (sponsored)

3) What are the most overrated apartment building amenities?

4) Central Harlem: The insider's guide to living there

5) 8 most common questions for first-time buyers in NYC


Jennifer White Karp

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