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Brushing up on the best shades of white paint, space saving ideas for NYC apartment bedrooms, & more top stories

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This week our readers zeroed in on stories about how to make the most of their apartments, with stories on choosing the best shade of white paint to showcase an apartment and how to maximize bedroom space coming in among the five top most-read stories. Articles on a housing lottery in Hell’s Kitchen, how pied à terre apartments and Airbnb are contributing to an affordable housing crisis in New York City were also in the mix.

Here, in full, are the top five most popular stories of the last week:

1) What's the best shade of white to paint your NYC apartment if you're trying to sell?

2) Get on the waiting list for a $613 a month apartment in Hell's Kitchen

3) 5 space-saving ideas for your NYC apartment bedroom

4) Lights out: New York City's ghost apartments multiply

5) Pound the pavement and don't be shy: 4 strategies for buying a luxury condo in NYC right now