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What a Covid vaccine could do for NYC real estate, neighborhoods for luxury renters, & more

By Jennifer White Karp | November 13, 2020 - 3:00PM 


This (very tumultuous) week—readers visited Brick Underground to find out the impact of a new Covid-19 vaccine on New York City real estate. Brick spoke to real estate insiders after Pfizer’s announcement of a potential breakthrough, who say this could give the city’s stalled sales and rental markets some badly needed momentum.

Also of interest—the pandemic is proving to be a good time for luxury renters to trade up and get the amenities or neighborhood they really want. Here’s where to hunt.

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4) My landlord wants me out for a few days to replace the floors. Am I entitled to a rent reduction?

5) HBO’s ‘The Undoing’ is a Manhattan murder mystery but the true killer is the real estate

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