Infographic: Absolutely everything (including housing) is more expensive in NYC

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We all know that New Yorkers pay higher housing costs than most people across the United States, but what about the rest of our day-to-day expenses like groceries, movie tickets, and beer? As it turns out, we're all overpaying for those, too.

Using data from the Council for Community and Economic Research, Imperial Moving put together a graphic of how much New Yorkers pay for things versus our counterpoints in the rest of the country, and it looks like we're paying a steep premium for just about everything. For instance, we pay 47.1 percent more for a six-pack of beer, 37.7 percent more for a loaf of bread, and 41.9 percent more for a carton of eggs.

"Apartment prices I knew were high, but I was surprised by eggs," Imperial owner Daniel Norber tells us. "I've even heard that some people farm eggs in Pennsylvania, but save them to market in New York because they know they can get more money out of it."

"These are things you might take for granted like coffee, or bread, and you need to know what you're getting into when you move to the city," says Norber. (This, many of us already knew. But, he adds, "it's also just fun to look at the data.")

Some unexpected insult to injury: While New York's unemployment rates are slightly lower than the national average, so is our median household income. Meaning, then, that the typical New Yorker is earning less than their counterparts across the country, while simultaneously paying more for just about everything. (Except, apparently, for gas, which is only 2.3 percent more expensive, and doctor's visits, which are 1.7 percent cheaper.)

All of which means that the next time a relative hassles you for not owning property yet, you've got a rock solid excuse ready to go.