Would You Rather?

Which bustling downtown would you prefer to call home after business hours?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | March 13, 2017 - 9:59AM

We’re lucky to have more than one downtown business center in this city. There’s downtown Brooklyn with its magnificent City Hall architecture and quickly exploding neighborhood amenities (plus a Target in the Fulton Mall so there’s that). And then there’s FiDi, the jewel in the Wall Street crown that’s hopping especially during the work week but can be a bit of a ghost town when the traders leave.

So which downtown would you pick if you had to choose one of the two to call your home after work hours? We asked five New Yorkers for their intel:

FiDi has everything I live near City Hall so there are subways to almost everywhere here. It’s quieter than a lot of the city, but I can walk over to TriBeCa or to the Oculus or Brookfield if I want to eat or shop. Plus, I have access to the Hudson and East River. I’d take FiDi all day, everyday. –Willie, FiDi

Too bad about the trains Although downtown Brooklyn is appealing from a community standpoint, commuting back and forth is a deal-breaker. So often the trains are either shut down or re-routed, especially on the weekend, which makes Brooklyn seem inconvenient. The Financial District, although dead at night, at least provides more options to move about Manhattan conveniently. —Denise, Upper East Side (pictured below)


Ten minutes matter Every train grinds to a halt the closer it gets to Atlantic Terminal, easily adding 10 minutes to your commute to Manhattan each way even though it’s only a stop away. In addition, there are now more restaurant choices than ever in FiDi, from Brookfield Place to the new Eataly location connected to the stunning WTC-PATH transit hub. —Alex, Hamilton Heights

It’s good to live close to work FiDi also has lots of luxury high-rises with great amenities and stunning views, and it’s convenient to nearly all the subway lines. While I enjoy spending the occasional evening in Brooklyn for dinner or concerts, I find myself spending far more time in Manhattan due to the convenience of being centrally located to all my friends in the city. —Darrick, Lower East Side

Brooklyn all the way Having access to some of my favorite surrounding neighborhoods to downtown Brooklyn would be ideal—I’d love to be closer to Williamsburg, Cobble Hill and Park Slope! —Monique, Bedford-Stuyvesant

Verdict: Downtown Brooklyn might be developing at a clip but, for these New Yorkers, FiDi’s more fabulous.


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