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Best bathroom upgrade: Soaking tub or fancy rain shower?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | May 30, 2017 - 2:30PM

For some of us, a regular tub just won’t do if we can get a super-luxe soaking spot instead. On the other hand, a fancy rain shower also sounds divine. Given the pick, which would New Yorkers want? Read on for five takes on the topic:

Fancy bathtub? No thanks A soaking tub sounds jazzy and nice, but New Yorkers are too busy to really use it as much as we think we will. And, more important, 90 percent of the people in the city live with roommates. We can barely keep the shower clean or follow a house schedule. A shower is easier to maintain than scrubbing the rings around a communal tub. —Ofo, Bed-Stuy


Soaking tub all the way! This Arizona girl finds the NYC on-the-go mentality a bit exhausting at times. There would be nothing more rewarding than relaxing in an actual soaking tub after a long day spent fighting the concrete jungle. Especially when the A/C unit doesn’t reach the whole apartment. #eyeroll. —Erin, Lower East Side

Give me a soaking tub pretty please Well, first, does a handsome man come with that? If so, whichever he prefers! I can get a standing rain shower while walking down the street on a rainy day or when someone spits on me, so a soaking tub would be nice. And if I don’t take baths, then I can use it for storage or get a dog—or a kid—since I can bathe either one easier than in a shower. —Joy, Hell’s Kitchen

Tub time is no longer luxurious Considering I share the bathroom with my husband and wash my 80-pound dog in the tub, I will have to go with a rain shower. And, unless the tub is brand new, it feels kind of gross to think of sitting on something with my bare bum. —Jenny, Hamilton Heights

It’s all about the rain shower I don't want to soak in a bath full of the potential Ebola or God-knows-what that lurks on the poles of the MTA subway! —Hope, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Verdict: They're pretty split, but singing in the shower wins by a hair!

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