Would You Rather?

Would you rather...have a two-bathroom apartment or a one-bathroom with a washer-dryer?

By Mayra David  | May 22, 2013 - 8:57AM

In this week's edition of "Would You Rather" we asked New Yorkers if they'd be willing to give up a bathroom for a washer-dryer. And the answers were nearly unanimous: Yes!

  • Washer-dryer That’s a no brainer. Especially because I live in a walk-up. But even if I didn’t live in a walk-up, I’d still choose a washer-dryer. -Charlie, Midtown West
  • Washer-dryer Sure a second bathroom is nice. But that’s luxury compared to having an in-unit laundry set up and not having to haul heavy sacks of dirty laundry out the building, even if it’s just up the block. Especially when it’s snowing or raining or the sun is broiling hot.  -Rach’el, Harlem
  • Washer-dryer (preferably both, though) Washer/dryer is really key, but with three people in an apartment a second bath is also pretty necessary. One bath can be done but gets frustrating pretty quickly. Ellen, Upper West Side
  • Washer-dryer I have one now and I can’t imagine ever going back to not having one in the apartment. Even with laundry in the building, I would go for W/D over a second bath. Basement laundry areas are never pleasant, often packed, and sometimes have sign-up sheets that don’t really keep things regulated. -Russell, Upper West Side
  • Washer-dryer I would love a washer-dryer. For convenience, first of all. Secondly, I’d have a better machine than the ones they have in our basement. They just don’t get the clothes clean. If I had my own washer-dryer, I would actually do my laundry properly, instead of overfilling the drum and mixing laundry to save time and money. - Ally, Midtown West
  • Washer-dryer I’d take a washer-dryer, even though I hate doing laundry. I usually drop my laundry off to be done… but I hated how many dryer sheets they put in with one load. So I told them I was allergic to dryer sheets. But it’s hit or miss on whether they remember or not. A second bath would be great since I live with a roommate,  but it’s nothing compared to my own laundry. -Debra, Harlem
  • Second bath I occupy the “English basement” and first floor of a brownstone, with the only bathroom between my bedroom and office on the first floor. That means guests I entertain downstairs have to walk upstairs and then through my bedroom to use the bathroom. It’s just a little inconvenient.  Deborah, Upper West Side

The consensus: Washer-dryer over second bathroom, 6:1.

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