Would You Rather?

When it's time to renovate, do you go for the bathroom or kitchen?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | May 22, 2017 - 11:59AM

In an ideal world, our kitchens and bathrooms would be modern and luxurious. But in reality, given the astronomical costs of renovating in New York City, we often only have the resources to give one of the two rooms a facelift. So we asked five New Yorkers which space they'd prefer to overhaul.

Kitchen reno please After too many years of take-in or eat-out, more recently I've discovered the cooking gene. Every weekend I drive to either Stew Leonard's in Yonkers or Fairway in Harlem and load up on groceries, so kitchen renovation first please, complete with a private tutorial on how to make coffee like a barista! —Samuella, Upper East Side

The kitchen is the center of my world I am only in my bathroom for small bits at a time and, as long as it's functional, I’m happy. On the other hand, I love cooking and kitchen gadgets and messing around in the kitchen. It's also where my favorite stuff is—snacks! A functional, beautiful kitchen with natural light and plenty of counter and storage space? Yes, please! —Jyssica, Midwood, Brooklyn

Give me a renovated bathroom, please! No brainer, hands down, not even a question, why are you even asking—renovated bathroom. You can always order take-out for your food but you can't order out a dump. —Ben, Chelsea (pictured below)


Do New Yorkers even cook? This is New York City. I don't even know what a kitchen is. Plus, coming home to a beautifully renovated bathroom that's larger than the takeout containers that litter my apartment makes me feel like I've really made it. A hot bath after a long day of endless work is the ultimate luxury. –Taylor, SoHo

Friends don’t hang out in the bathroom I would love a renovated kitchen and, even better, if it’s a big suburban-sized eat-in one. There would be room to spread out, cook delicious meals to share with friends, and more space to dance around in. Any apartment space I can turn into a dance floor is ideal.—Ashley, Park Slope

Verdict: It's close, but a renovated kitchen matters most to these New Yorkers!

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