Would You Rather?

Would you rather escape to a house in the country or one by the beach?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | July 24, 2017 - 10:59AM

It's daydreaming time: If you could choose a place to escape to from the hot city, would you pick a beach house or a cabin deep in the woods?

When it comes to the ideal place to find serenity when the mercury rises, our interviewees are nearly evenly split. Here’s what our five New Yorkers of the week had to say:

Let’s think about this from an investment perspective I'm all for a country house. Beach houses are a poor investment because of global warming. Also, chickens!—Hannah, Boerum Hill

Take me to the water I’d pick a beach house for sure. While the prospect of bad weather is a risk, I’d rather take that risk in exchange for a standup paddleboard in my backyard.—Lisa, Washington Heights

Oh those waves I grew up in the country so I prefer the beach because beach waves beat mosquitoes any day. Trust me on that!—Stacey, Queens

California dreaming Since I’m from Cali, I’d definitely rather have a beach house and let me mention: Who would you choose the country over surfer boys, ice cream and the ocean?—Kayla, Murray Hill (pictured below)


We already live on an island I’d rather wake up and see green through my window.—Stephanie Brooklyn Heights

Verdict: Surf and sand may be #1 but a country cabin comes in a very close second!



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