Would You Rather?

Country cabin or beach house? New Yorkers on their favorite summer getaways

By Lambeth Hochwald | April 17, 2017 - 12:59PM 

Here’s a tricky #firstworldproblem: Where’s the better place to retreat when summer stickiness descends—a beach house or log cabin in the woods? Both have their pros and cons, of course; for some New Yorkers, there’s nothing that beats a sandy walk along the shore, while for others, the peace and quiet of a log cabin couldn’t be better. With summer vacation inching closer and closer, we asked five New Yorkers which kind of getaway they'd prefer to spend their summers in. The answers might surprise you.

No mosquitos Put me in a beach house over a rural cabin any day. Things I like: rosé and suntans. Things I hate: chiggers, ticks, and mosquitos. Ugh. —Kristina, Bushwick 

Wildlife’s no fun I would much rather spend the summer at a beach house.  Ocean, sand, and sunshine, yes!  A cold, musty log cabin sounds like my worst nightmare—damp ground, bugs and wildlife, no! —Denise, Upper East Side

Retirement ready My goal is to ultimately retire and live by the ocean so a summer at a beach house, preferably with a cold can of La Croix, would be a dream come true! —Jonathan, Brooklyn

Already in the woods As a Jersey City dweller I consider myself already in the woods so, if I could choose, I’d pick a beach house—listening to Beach House!—Aleks, Jersey City

I’ll pass on both! As a city dweller, I take comfort in knowing my doorman is there 24/7/365 to protect me from cat burglars and Jack the Ripper. Besides, when all the beach bums and loggers leave, the lines are shorter and the trains less crowded. —Billie, Gramercy Park (pictured)

Verdict: It’s either beach time or no time for this bunch of New Yorkers.


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