Would You Rather?

Do you love your NYC summers or dream of getting out of dodge?

By Mayra David  | August 8, 2014 - 11:59AM

New Yorkers love their city with a passion. But that doesn’t mean we're blind to its shortcomings—namely, the oppressive heat. As such, a city-wide exodus has always been an inevitable part of NYC summers. And when the city empties, it quiets down—a nice bonus for those of us who decide to stay put.

So we asked five city dwellers: Would you rather escape the city for the whole summer or stay and enjoy the relative quiet?

  • Hot for the city If money were no object, I’d stay in the city. I’d take time off and not work, enjoy the bars and restaurants (especially rooftop ones!) that are maybe not so packed right now. I’d take advantage of the cooler temperatures in Central Park, and all the museums, too. Or I’d go a movie every day to stay out of the heat. Who needs to be out in the sun on a beach all the time? -Bernadette, Harlem
  • I'd like to escape the odors... and the fashion  I’d get out if I could. Immediately, and for the whole summer. I don’t know where I would go, but anywhere is better than where I am. It smells like garbage and piss first thing in the morning. Fat, unattractive people walk around in totally inappropriate clothing. Men strut around with no shirts on, and women walk around in what looks like their underwear. It’s not okay! -Joni, Bushwick
  • City staycation, please I think there's real value in escaping your everyday life and getting a change of pace and scenery. Having said that, I don’t think you need to leave the city to get that. When the city empties, it feels like a change of pace already. The buses and subways are less stressful, even during rush hour. And the summer in the city offers so many cool events like Shakespeare in the Park and Met in the Park. Why leave? Take a train and get out for a day, but definitely stick around for a staycation,  I say! -Sue, Hamilton Heights
  • Summer S.O.S. I would leave the city as soon as it gets warm enough to turn on the A/C. It’s not even the heat, it’s the humidity. And the smells. Descending into the subway really is torturous and the city doesn’t cool down at night. Not really. The streets just absorb all the heat and radiate it back out during the night. The air is sticky and never fresh. I don’t think it’s good for anybody’s health to be in the city. So leave! Save yourselves! -Margie, Upper West Side
  • School's out for summer—and so am I I’m a teacher, so I have the luxury of a bit more free time during the summer than others. But I don’t have the luxury of more money. So my solution: I’ve rented out my apartment for the summer and am spending most of my time in my parents’ house in New Jersey, where it’s green and quiet. I love the city. But to keep  my love for it while I have to work during the rest of the year, every break away from it is necessary! -Amy, Inwood
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