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Summer fantasy time: In-building pool or summer beach house?

By Mayra David  | June 15, 2015 - 3:59PM

We have a love/ hate relationship with summer in this city. One one hand, the parks are teeming with activity, the waterfront's alive again (kayaking on the Hudson!), and there are plenty of cool (and free!) events everywhere (free outdoor movies at Bryant Park!). On the other hand: the heat, the humidity, the sweaty subways. So we asked six city citizens: Would you rather spend summer weekends in your house outside the city (sans pool, though), or in a NYC building with a pool?

  • Clothing optional I’m from Florida, so I’m used to having both pool and beach accessible. But I guess if I had to choose, I’d take a beach house. A clothing-optional or private beach. I like to be in nature, au naturale. I’m a naturalist! —Sherod, Harlem
  • I'd love a pool I swim at the indoor public pool for fitness as often as I can. I love Hansborough in Harlem and I bike there. The problem is, everybody else does, too, and it gets crowded.  General Swim is just after Lap Swim so everybody can use the lanes, even those who need to walk their laps. Or are very slow swimmers. There’s a group for seniors called the Honeys and the Bears and they do their synchronized swimming after the lap time is over and some walk laps before their group convenes. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are super cute and I don’t want them to go anywhere! But that does mean one or two less lanes for fast lap swimmers to use. I wish my building had a pool. I love the idea of a beach house retreat, but a lap pool is just more useful and accessible. —Joanna, Upper West Side
  • Having it all I’d want a beach house and a pool. That way, I can invite lots of people over and have pool parties! I like the beach, but sometimes, all that sand gets annoying the way it gets everywhere. So I like to have options. What I would not want is to have to maintain a pool. If it’s just a summer rental, I’d make sure I wouldn’t have to bother with all that. —Beriqisu, Harlem
  • … And having it all to yourself! Of course I’d want a pool in my building! It’s way more accessible than having to go out to a beach house somewhere. Just the thought of being able to jump into a pool anytime I want makes me happy. And I work from home, so I could take a dip in the middle of the day when I’d probably have the whole place to myself. I’d probably learn how to swim properly then, too. -Sage, Upper West Side
  • Pool grinch I hate pools. Cesspools is what I call them. Public pools are disgusting. And you know what’s worse? What they use to keep them “clean”: the chlorine! It’s awful for your hair. If you like dry, brittle hair, jump right in! I mean, I’m not a Grinch or anything. I get invited to pool parties and I do go. One time, I pretended to be getting over an eye infection, so I’d have an excuse not to go in the water (I dangled my feet in though). I’d take the beach any day and I’d prefer the beach house have no pool at all, so people who visit aren’t tempted to make me use it. —Aileen, Long Island City
  • Fun in the sun only I’d go for a beach house without a pool. I prefer the beach, anyway.  I wouldn’t have a need for a building pool, because that would be indoors. And the whole point of sitting by the beach or pool for me is sitting outside, getting some sun! —Natalie, Washington Heights



Verdict: Even split! We’ll take anything if it means we get to cool down!


Do you love your NYC summers or dream of getting out of dodge?

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