Take BrickUnderground's 5-Second Naughty vs. Nice Holiday Tipping Poll (and find out what your neighbors are tipping)

By BrickUnderground  | November 26, 2012 - 9:33AM

Okay, New Yorkers, it's time to spill. Tipping season is upon us, and as per usual, BrickUnderground is running a Holiday Tipping Poll.

Last year we delved into the tipping habits of owners vs renters. (Click here to see how 1,700 of your neighbors weighed in.)

This year, we're looking at whether & how the amount you tip varies according to the service provided by your doorman/super. Click over here to let us know what you plan to tip your favorite, least favorite and just-average doormen/supers.

Once you take our 5 second poll, you'll get to see if you're plans are in line with your fellow New Yorkers. 




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