Top 10 grossest things about vertical living

By Alana Mayman  | July 19, 2011 - 2:39PM

We at BrickUnderground are huge fans of vertical living (duh). But we are not deaf, dumb, blind or anosmiac (look it up). Herewith, the 10 grossest things about living vertically:

  1. Sharing washing machines and dryers with people you wouldn't share a cab with.
  2. Opening the trash chute and someone else's garbage flies past your face.
  3. Hallway cooking smells.
  4. Hearing neighbor sounds, especially in/from the bathroom.
  5. Basement gyms with 20 years of accumulated b.o.
  6. Two words: Bed bugs.
  7. Thinking your roommate bought wild rice but realizing the brown 'grains' are mice poop.
  8. The feeling of being spied upon by creepy building staff.
  9. Breathing other people's smoke, dust, polyurethane and heaven-only-knows-what through the vents.
  10. Public spaces used for private activities and/or interesting trash raining down on your terrace from above - The 'water balloons' your kids found were actually used condoms.

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