Bright Idea: A cure for stroller-strewn hallways

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This week BrickUnderground introduces Bright Idea, a new weekly feature focusing on quality-of-life improvements for your NYC apartment building.

Today’s tip relates to the practice of parking strollers in the hallway--which is not only illegal under the NYC fire code but exacerbates the fault line between the kids-vs-no-kids demographic of any apartment building.

The usual method of attempted banishment is a firm letter possibly carrying the threat of a fine.  This approach fails to address the underlying problem--lack of space inside one’s spawn-and-toy-crammed apartment--and tends to result in a high rate of non-compliance or recidivism.

Like any smart parent instilling a new habit, boards and landlords ought to make it easy for stroller-offenders to change their ways.

Our advice:  Bankroll a practical solution, like these over-the-door stroller-holders invented by a NYC mother raising three kids in a one-bedroom apartment. 

The "StrollAway" normally retails online for $49.95, but the company has graciously agreed to sell them for $30 each plus shipping & handling to anyone who orders a dozen or more and mentions seeing this offer on Brickunderground.

Have a Bright Idea for a product, service, or smarter way of doing things that would improve apartment building quality-of-life?   Please share it with us and your fellow vertical dwellers.

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