HuffPo NY puts BrickUnderground bed bug scoop on front page next to famous jar o' biters

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For a good eight or nine hours today, our bed bugs-by-the-borough post commanded prime real estate on Huffington Post/NY.  

So far, more than 2,000 people have clicked through, including a 4:1 ratio of New Yorkers to Californians (probably weighing whether they would trade their budget nightmare for our bloodsucking one).

We are pretty sure that the man holding the bed bug jar is Louis Sorkin, a well-regarded bed bug expert at the American Museum of Natural History known for feeding himself to his tiny frenemies.  (To watch a video, click here.)

Clearly, bed bugs are a hot button topic these days. In addition to looking askance at neighbors returning from potentially bedbuggy vacations, we have begun to feel paranoid and itchy. If you are not and would like to be, take a look at this creepy/campy slasher-style video we heard about on

"Menace in the Mattress" courtesy of the Rutgers University, NJ, Entomology Dept.

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