This is not the time to find out what AppleCare+ does—or doesn’t—cover.


So, you just acquired a new MacBook, iPad, or Apple Watch. Or perhaps you dropped some big bucks and got yourself a fancy iPhone X. Congrats! Thinking you’ll be covered by Apple’s warranty for everything that goes wrong? Think again.

“A lot of people assume Apple’s warranty will cover their electronics, without realizing the limits of the coverage. It’s an unpleasant surprise when they find out what is, and isn’t, covered— which is a lot,” says Patrick Briggs, VP of Marketing for Jetty, which offers affordable renters insurance.

There are more than a few reasons why using renters insurance over Apple’s coverage options is almost a no-brainer. Here’s the breakdown on what Apple offers to consumers for protection, and how Jetty covers Apple products.

Apple’s one-year warranty: It’s limited (really limited)

Apple products come with a one-year limited warranty that covers “defects in materials and workmanship.” That means anything that breaks or malfunctions: the headphones stop working, the motherboard mysteriously burns up, the battery conks out. If that’s your situation, Apple will fix or replace it. “The basic warranty doesn't cover the problems most people have with their iPhones. For example, leaving it in a cab, stolen while out to dinner, or dropping it in the ocean while taking paddleboarding selfies,” says Briggs. “Those scenarios are a lot more common than a motherboard malfunctioning.”

Is it really better than AppleCare+?

Apple does offer a protection plan, AppleCare+, but it too has its limitations, both in what it covers, and cost.

The first: price. With Jetty, the basic renters insurance package costs about eight or nine dollars depending on your location, or about $108 per year. On top of protecting your home, this also includes Jetty’s electronics coverage “Power Up,” which covers, worldwide, all portable electronics—tablets, laptops, smartphones, and e-readers—Apple products and otherwise.

With Jetty, if you damage or lose your phone, you go online, file a claim, and in the case of a repair, you can take your phone to an Apple store—and, in fact, Jetty prefers if you do. "Many people assume we'll only pay for the ‘cheapest’ version of the fix,” says Briggs. “Even though taking it to Apple is usually the most expensive option, we prefer that customers do that since it ensures the best possible repair or replacement of the product.” And the only cost you face is a $50 deductible (the deductible for laptops is $100).

A major (and arguably the most significant) difference between AppleCare+ and Jetty Renters Insurance is that Jetty has you covered if you lose your phone, reimbursing you for the replacement value of the device. With AppleCare+, you’re out of luck. The same coverage applies if your phone is stolen: You're covered with Jetty, but not with AppleCare+.

AppleCare+ rates vary by device and model, but for comparison, coverage for an iPhone 8+ for two years is $149, while the iPhone X plan is $199. (Additionally, all AppleCare+ products must be purchased in the first 90 days of ownership.) Simple math shows that the annual cost of the plan itself is more than a year of Jetty Renters Insurance and doesn't include coverage for the rest of your things in your apartment as Jetty Renters Insurance does.

With AppleCare+, you’re not done paying—you just get to pay less should your phone need a repair, and even then, your repair coverage is capped.

AppleCare+ allows for any two incidents of accidental damage. It could be two cracked screens, one cracked screen and another incident (e.g., motherboard problem, battery dies rapidly, etc.), or two non-screen issues. Even with AppleCare+, repairing a cracked screen will cost you $29 plus tax, and any other repair will cost you $99 plus tax. (Without coverage, you’re looking to spend at least $149 to repair a cracked screen, and several hundred dollars for any other repairs.) In addition to these reduced repair rates, AppleCare+ offers 24/7 technical support and assistance with Apple product software issues via text or a phone call.

With Jetty Renters Insurance, in the case of full replacement (rather than repair), the total replacement cost reduces future coverage, but you can always top it off to stay fully protected.

The Jetty vs. AppleCare+ Comparison


  • Jetty - $108/ year for Jetty Renters Insurance with Portable Electronics Power-Up for coverage of your apartment, laptop, phone, and other devices.

  • AppleCare+ - $149-$199/year for only phone coverage, not all of your devices


  • Jetty - Covered

  • AppleCare+ -  Not covered


  • Jetty - Covered

  • AppleCare+ -  Not covered

Accidental Damage:

  • Jetty - Always covered with $50 deductible for phone, $100 for laptop

  • AppleCare+ - Covered twice for the lifetime of the device

The thing is, if anything happens to your iPhone, Macbook, or iPad, it’s going to hurt. But you can make it hurt a little less by protecting your gear with Jetty.

Jetty offers an affordable renters insurance product with extensive coverage options and policies. No office visits. No paperwork. No nonsense.


Particular examples used in this article should not be interpreted as providing coverage for all instances, please see the Jetty Renters Insurance policy documents to determine the terms and conditions under which coverage applies.

Issuance of coverage is subject to underwriting review and approval. Coverage may not be available in all states. Please see a copy of the policy for the full terms, conditions and exclusions. Policy obligations are the sole responsibility of State National Insurance Company, Inc. (NAIC No. 12831), Bedford, TX, in all states except Florida, and National Specialty Insurance Company (NAIC No. 22608), Bedford, TX, in Florida (collectively, “State National”). Coverage scenarios are hypothetical and shown for illustrative purposes only. Coverage is dependent on the actual facts and circumstances giving rise to a claim. Jetty Insurance Agency LLC (Jetty) is an insurance agency licensed to sell property-casualty insurance products. Jetty will receive compensation from State National for such sales. Refer to the Legal Notices section on for additional information regarding Jetty.

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