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A Bedford-Stuyvesant one bedroom in a brownstone, for $1,825 a month

By Nathan Tempey  | November 6, 2018 - 1:00PM

The bedroom faces the tree-lined brownstone block.

Douglas Elliman

The townhouse rental is an unsung hero among Brownstone Brooklyn apartments. With these apartments, you can get a photogenic block, charming architecture and the communal vibe of living in a building with just a few other families. You don't need to own an entire brownstone to enjoy the pleasures of stoop-sitting or hanging out on the roof deck, provided you get chummy with the top floor renters.

This one bedroom, 734 Madison St., 2R, listed for $1,825 a month with no broker's fee, is on the second floor of a brownstone on a leafy residential block in Bedford-Stuyvesant. (The rent is substantially below the $2,200 median asking rent for a one bedroom in the neighborhood.) 

There are just four apartments in the house, so unlike in a bigger building where sound can echo and evade your efforts to identify a source, this place is likely quieter overall, and if someone does make a racket, odds are you'll know who it is.



The living room and small kitchen appear to be on the back side of the house, and look out on a tangle of leaves.

The bedroom (top) has three big windows that face out on the street. The closet situation is a bit of a mystery.



The kitchen and bathroom are fairly basic, and feature slightly dated fixtures that let you know definitively that this is a rental. The stove and the refrigerator are new, though. (If you're interested in seeing a comparable place with slightly nicer fixtures and a much higher rent, take a look at this listing.)

The house is four blocks from the J and Z trains at the Gates Avenue station, with service into lower Manhattan in around half an hour. There are playgrounds, bars, and restaurants in walking distance. Small dogs and cats are allowed.


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