A prewar one bedroom in Washington Heights has us charmed
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A prewar one bedroom in Washington Heights has us charmed

By Georgia Kral  | November 15, 2017 - 2:00PM
hudson heights apartment

This one-bedroom apartment has many appealing prewar details.


Hudson Heights is a laid-back subsection of Washington Heights just south of Fort Tryon Park, made up mostly of older apartment buildings. This one-bedroom apartment is on the top floor of a prewar elevator building with a live-in super and a laundry room. 

The apartment is somewhat spacious at 760-square-feet, and includes charming details like a built-in bookcase and arched entryways. 

As always when weighing New York City apartment listings, we turn to our Take It Or Leave It experts—myself, Constantine Valhouli, founder of real estate research and analytics firm NeighborhoodX, and freelance writer Lambeth Hochwald.

So, is this apartment worth renting? First, the basics:

Size: One bedroom, one bath 
Location: 50 Overlook Terrace, #6B, Washington Heights 
Price: $1,884 (net effective rent, accounting for one month free on an 18-month lease. The actual, gross rent is $1,995)
Days on the market: 4
Flexible layout: No
Subway: A at 181st Street-Fort Washington Avenue, 1 at 191st Street

hudson heights apartment

hudson heights apartment

hudson heights apartment

hudson heights apartment

Pros and cons

"There's something classy about this Hudson Heights prewar one-bed—it must be the archways and moldings galore—and I love that it's completely move-in ready. The downsides are limited to the fact that the views aren't so great and the kitchen's a bit awkward. Am I crazy or is the fridge taking up one entire wall?"—Lambeth

"The refinished floors and warm ivory walls seem like they reflect a sunny glow in some pictures. And the tiny built-in bookcase is a detail that would make you smile every time you walk by. This one bedroom is also the size of many two bedrooms. But there are some cons: the kitchen and bathroom feel a bit bland and institutional (Home Depot/2005 vibe goin' on). And [depending on where you're moving from,] it might be worth exploring the area to make sure that you're not giving up too much in terms of neighborhood amenities for a bit more space and a slightly lower rent."—Constantine

"Each room seems to flow from one to the next in a very organic way. I love being able to look from one room through an arched doorway into another. And that little bookcase is super cute. Cons: It looks like all the windows look onto other buildings or brick walls."—Georgia

Who this apartment would be perfect for

"A couple who work either right across the George Washington Bridge or commute along the A line."—Lambeth

"Someone who wants to be on the A train to Midtown or downtown, but who would like a place that has a slightly more sedate vibe."—Constantine

"A couple that likes to spend time at home."—Georgia

The verdict

TAKE IT "But do a bit of an investigation first, as eight apartment are currently vacant in this building, and that's kind of a lot."—Lambeth

TAKE IT "The actual rent is $2,000 per month, with one month free on an 18-month lease. So the net effective rent is $1,884. Even with the owner offering the broker fee, this still seems a bit optimistic. Take it, but only at a slightly lower price."—Constantine

TAKE IT "I love the rambling feel of this place and the uptown location. It's in great condition and a great deal."—Georgia



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