Take It Or Leave It

Is this under-$2,000 Bushwick one-bedroom (with outdoor space) the perfect first apartment sans roommates?

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | June 14, 2017 - 1:45PM

Douglas Elliman

Ready to kiss your roommating days goodbye? This $1,900 one-bedroom in Bushwick could be what you're looking for to do just that. The ground floor apartment is in a private home with access to the beautiful outdoor space. Of course, it also looks like in exchange for that access you have to give up some of your apartment for the landlord's storage space/outdoor space entryway (according to the floorplan).

So is it worth considering for a July 1 move-in? For other perspectives, we asked our experts (and veteran renters), real estate research and analytics firm NeighborhoodX founder Constantine Valhouli and freelance writer Lambeth Hochwald, to weigh in with me on this week's Take It or Leave It.​

Size: One-bedroom, one-bath
Location: 124 Covert Street (between Central and Evergreen)
Monthly rent: $1,900, no broker's fee
Flexible layout: No
Days on the market: 13
Subway: L at Wilson; J at Halsey




Pros and cons:

"The apartment appears to be well renovated, with stainless appliances and a modern bathroom. I love the exposed brick fireplace and, of course, the outdoor space too. One caveat is that you'd have to rely on a good relationship with the owners to make spending time outside fun and not awkward. Plus, it could get annoying to hear the noise of your landlords and their friends outside while you're in your bedroom." -Lucy

"This feels like a Venice Beach apartment in Brooklyn—especially with the rear garden area. And there is no broker fee (but see below). In addition—and this part makes the data part of my brain very happy—they included square footage so you can make a better determination about the actual price/square foot you're paying. The bedroom is in the rear of the building, facing the garden. This will be a plus 99% of the time, except when it's time for a nap and there's a party going on." —Constantine

"Upon seeing this place I immediately thought: Garden with a capital G. It's one of the nicest ones we've seen. Unfortunately, you have access to that garden so it's not yours alone and the rest of the place is lacking in my estimation, especially the fact that it's nearly $2K/month (plus possible broker fee) for a basement one-bed." —Lambeth

Who this apartment would be perfect for:

"A single person who loves the Bushwick neighborhood and doesn't mind having a more personal relationship with his or her landlord." —Lucy

"In New York, we often have to strike a balance between living close to work in a place that may be subpar, and choosing to live where we go out (but enduring a slightly longer commute). This apartment has a nice renovation and is in what is now one of the more interesting neighborhoods of the city. It may be worth the longer commute to come home to this." —Constantine

"A couple interested in trying out Bushwick--this place is definitely located on a pretty treelined street." —Lambeth

The verdict(s):

TAKE IT "As long as you and the landlords jibe, I say go for it. Also, I bet you could get them to negotiate a bit on rent." —Lucy

TAKE IT "And enjoy all of the mischief of Bushwick and Brooklyn. But warning—even though it's presented as a no-fee listing, the languages states "Agents CYOF" ("Collect Your Own Fee") so an outside broker may try to impose a fee upon a no-fee listing." —Constantine

LEAVE IT "Especially since the closest subway is the L!"—Lambeth



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