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Boomer, Spanky, Buttercup, or Bernie: What are YOUR NYC neighbors naming their dogs?

By Virginia K. Smith  | May 11, 2017 - 1:59PM

You might already know your neighbors' commuting habits, recycling etiquette, and taste in holiday decorations, but to really get a look inside their psyches, it's time to ask a truly personal question: How are they at naming their pets?

The city has released a new series of data tracking the city's most popular dog names (based on registered dog licenses), as well as the most common names in each neighborhood. There's a searchable bubble chart of the most popular options citywide—Max, Bella, Lola, Charlie, and Coco take the top spots, and there's apparently one lucky dog named Jazzabelle, and another named Winkles—but for a more specific drill down, you'll want to play around with this neighborhood-by-neighborhood map, below:

While some top neighborhood names are seemingly random—unless you can think of a reason why "Katie" is so popular in Astoria, and "George" is big in Soho—in other areas, the popular dog names are rather telling.

"Bowie" took the top spot in Williamsburg, "Baci" (Italian for "kisses") is popular on Staten Island, and Roosevelt Island residents kept things on-theme, naming their dogs "Theodore."

Sure, it probably won't affect your choice of neighborhood, but if you're considering a move, it can't hurt to know whether you're moving into a neighborhood full of "Pumpkins," or if you're headed to Rambo or Bubbles territory.


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