Would You Rather?

Would you rather live near a Fairway or a Trader Joe’s?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | March 19, 2018 - 9:00AM

Which do you wish was your corner grocer?

Adam Kuban and June Marie/Flickr

New Yorkers are very loyalsome might even say possessivewhen it comes to their stores, but proximity matters. So when it comes to Fairway, a home-grown grocery chain with a deep selection, and Trader Joe’s, a German-owned, cut-rate supermarket conglomerate, each with limited locations in the five boroughs, opinions are easy to come by, and sometimes deeply held. We asked a handful of New Yorkers which kind of store they would rather live near, if given the choice. Here's what they had to say.

Call me a locavore

“I’d much rather live near a Fairway. It’s just a more traditional New York establishment than Trader Joe’s, and not nearly as obnoxious as Whole Foods. But you didn’t ask me about that Amazon-owned chain.”—Kevin Mejia, Jackson Heights

I need my produce

“I follow a clean-eating, plant-based diet that includes a lot of fresh, organic produce, so living next door to Fairway would be perfect."—Doris Zeger, the Bronx

Fairway all the way

“I actually grew up in New York, and hands down, Fairway rules. I make the drive to the Fairway in Douglaston because it’s kind of magical. For me it’s got a better selection than most. Sure, you're gonna end up spending a ton of cash in each, but I just like Fairway’s vibe best!”—Rich Storm, Queens

My budget comes first

“Trader Joe’s is cheaper than Fairway, which is probably the biggest most convincing reason I like it more. Although it is smaller with less options, they rotate items seasonally, which is great. The nut selection is heaven. and I have been buying their peanut and almond butters for years now and eat it every day.”—Alyssa Rosello, Yorkville

All is Fair

“Fairway. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I mean, on top of the fact that they have almost anything your heart could desire, it's not a bad place to grab lunch.”—Russell O’Leary, Kingsbridge, the Bronx

The verdict: Among this bunch, Fairway takes the cake.



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