Would you rather move in with your parents or have them move in with you?
Would You Rather?

Would you rather move in with your parents or have them move in with you?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | April 16, 2018 - 4:00PM


You finally have a New York City apartment to call your own. But, with that lease comes lots of responsibility, and nothing in life is certain. A medical condition or a layoff could set you back, or your parents could fall on hard times. Or maybe your parents want to help out with a new baby, or you just can't live without your mother's lasagna. If you had to choose, would you rather move back in with your parents, or have them come to stay with you? 

We put this question to five New Yorkers. Here's what they had to say.

Whose house? My house!

“I guess I would rather have them move in with me, because then it would be my house, my rules. Otherwise, I would have to follow their rules and I would be annoyed.”—Nate Andrews, Queens

In the dog house

“When you live in your parent’s house, you don’t have to worry about pet policies, meaning I’d finally be able to get a dog!”—Brenna Smith, Upper East Side

Keeping it clean

“I’d rather move in with my parents, because then I wouldn’t feel obligated to cater to guests—or clean... I wouldn’t be the host and it wouldn’t be my house. Also, if my mom moved in with me, she’d rearrange everything, so I’d rather just find my stuff wherever she’d store it in her house!”—Bridget Riley, Harlem

Breakfast on the go

“Hands down, move in with my parents, because we all know parents love to spoil their kids, and who doesn't love mom's French toast in the morning before heading out to work? Plus, I’ll be honest, my parents are neat freaks and will likely clean up my dishes before I am even done eating dinner. One day, they will be living with me anyway (old age) so why not start now?”—Melissa Penn, Murray Hill

Setting the rules of engagement

“I think having your parents move in would be less stressful than moving back in with your parents. Think of it this way: If they moved in with you it would be easier to set some boundaries. Plus, they won’t be able to be set in their ways if they’re living in your space.”—Alisha Johnson, Queens

The verdict: It's close, but get ready mom and dad: if they had to choose, a majority of these New Yorkers would rather move in with you again!



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