Would You Rather?

Would you rather pack up and move to the burbs or just try out a suburban-style neighborhood in the city?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | January 30, 2017 - 11:59AM

It’s a decision that even the most devoted of urbanites contemplates from time to time: Move to a quieter outlying neighborhood—say Forest Hills or Bay Ridge—and try out the "suburban urban" life or just pack up and decamp for the actual suburbs? It’s a tough question for even the most diehard of city dwellers.

Read on as five New Yorkers weigh out the pros/cons:

Accessibility matters When you’ve been living in the city, the suburbs of New Jersey and Connecticut can seem light years away, even though they’re within commuting distance. The suburban outer neighborhoods still feel really accessible so that’s more my style right now. –Caroline, Hell’s Kitchen

I’ll go where my MetroCard takes me I will do anything to stay within city limits rather than relinquishing my New Yorker status. You can’t beat being a MetroCard swipe from anywhere in the best city in the world!—Emma, Upper West Side

Suburbs here we come My wife and I are planning to eventually move to the suburbs. Where we live is convenient but it’s also loud and cramped. I’ve lived in Astoria and have no interest in settling down within the five boroughs in "faux-suburbia." We want the picket-fence, two-and-a-half-kids-and-dog lifestyle.—Steve, Murray Hill (pictured below)


Commuting is no big deal At this point in my New York City life, it works to be a 20-minute subway ride to work. I wouldn’t want either a far-flung suburban urban neighborhood or the suburbs—no way! —Chris, Astoria

Far-flung is fine provided there’s space and transportation My partner and I are debating this question right now because we can only afford a small one-bedroom. We’ve decided on a "far-flung: neighborhood with a large apartment, but it still has to be accessible by public transportation. Inwood is one of our top choices, but I will never move out of town. I didn’t move to New York City to live in a suburb! —Jennifer, Brooklyn Heights

The verdict: This batch of New Yorkers would rather stay in the city than get a two-car garage and live on a cul-de-sac.


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