Would You Rather?

Battle of building perks: Which shared amenity is best, rooftop or communal lounge?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | February 13, 2017 - 2:59PM

It’s never too soon—or too cold—to start thinking about that dreamy amenity—the well-appointed roof deck. Then again, a comfy lounge (preferably one with a souped-up coffee machine) can make the difference between the building of your dreams and one that’s just meh. So which one’s calling our names? Read on as five New Yorkers reveal their faves:

Bonus: fresh air A building with a roof deck is ideal, especially if you don’t live near Central Park or the West Side Highway running paths. Having outdoor space in New York City is harder and harder to find and having an indoor lounge wouldn’t mean I would necessarily use it. —Josie, Tribeca

People will come to your parties There’s nothing better than a killer sunset on a roof deck and, regardless of where they are in NYC, more people will come visit your home because of your roof deck, not your lounge. —Nestor, Chelsea

Just think of the BBQs Many of my friends have roof decks and can host pretty large gatherings. They usually barbecue and that’s pretty unique for NYC. A roof deck is way more attractive than a common lounge type space. —Scott, Upper West Side

It’s all about the board games My roommate and I love to host Game of Thrones viewings, Patriots games, board game parties, you name it. So, for us, a large common space is preferred (though my pale skin may suffer because of this!) —Kylie, Chelsea

Lounges are just right for alone time I’d feel more comfortable having a resident lounge. It becomes an extension of your apartment and space away from your significant other. —Shawn, Chelsea (pictured below)


Verdict: Roof decks rank higher!


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