Poll: How often have you moved within NYC?

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According to Census figures, the average American can expect to move about 12 times in his or her lifetime, but we have a feeling that for New Yorkers, it's much more often than that. Given the city's massive rental inventory and ever-changing (and increasingly expensive) neighborhoods, the thirst to explore new corners of NYC—and, perhaps, find higher-quality, more affordable digs—may outweigh the more torturous aspects of relocating. Some, like these bloggers, have even found themselves moving to short-term sublets every month in an effort to get a taste of different New York locales. 

Stephanie Diamond, who created the Listings Project, a weekly newsletter of real estate and job listings, says of NYC's housing stock: "What we're looking for may not exist." It may not be possible to check all our boxes when it comes to finding apartments here, but we can keep trying. 

We want to hear about your experiences with moving within the city. How many times have you uprooted yourself in the last few years, and what were your reasons for doing so? Answer the questions in our poll below (be sure to scroll through the poll box to get all the questions), and check back next week to find out just how nomadic New Yorkers are. 

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