Would You Rather?

Apartment building holiday party: Yay or nay?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | December 11, 2017 - 3:00PM

When does holiday cheer strike too close to home?


‘Tis the season for holiday parties! From your office party to your BFF's nog fest, there's lots of merry making going on at the moment. But what about a party in your building, with your neighbors? Some New Yorkers will pick through hors d'oeuvres with just about anyone, and some say "absolutely no way" to meeting neighbors over wine and cider.

We asked five New Yorkers to cast their vote on whether apartment buildings should hold an annual holiday party or not.

Here's what they had to say.

How better to meet the neighbors?

"Living in a building—I live in House39—that throws events like holiday parties takes a relatively big building and makes it feel a lot more intimate, almost like a big family. I’ve been able to meet so many of my fellow neighbors and foster new friendships within the short time I've lived here (almost 3 months), doing everything from cooking for potlucks to dancing up on the roof. I'm so happy I live here and can be a part of it all.—Joshua Wood, Murray Hill, pictured

holiday party

I could use some holiday ice-breaking

"I’d like to have a holiday party in my building. It would be a nice way to get to know my neighbors better and to slow down and have real, meaningful conversations with each other would be a nice change of pace from elevator small talk."—Lauren Lampen, Tribeca

Does that mean the lobby gets cleaned?

"I don’t live in a building with a big enough lobby to have a holiday party, but if we did, I’d totally be into it. Maybe this would persuade my super to actually clean the lobby and not quickly sweep and mop the floor!"—Alexis Isaacs, Crown Heights

Obligatory events? No thanks

"The holiday season can become so hectic, I’d rather avoid another obligatory event. I see my neighbors regularly and we get along great. I don’t think we need an official celebration to wish each other happy holidays. If anything, I’d prefer a get-together during the summer or another time of year when there is less going on."–Lee Gershon, Financial District  

Let’s use the money for something else

"I would rather my building skip the party. I get along well enough with my neighbors, but I don’t think we need to celebrate the holidays together. Plus, if we don’t throw a party, the building could theoretically save a bit of money and put it toward something more urgent, such as a front door that actually locks."—Spencer Dandes, Park Slope

The verdict: It's not unanimous, but a majority of this group thinks the holiday cheer should extend to the lobby.



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