Would You Rather?

Would you rather live in a penthouse or a townhouse?

By Mayra David  | September 13, 2013 - 11:08AM

We asked seven New Yorkers to imagine that money was no object and they could choose between a full-service penthouse and an all-to-themselves townhouse. Here's what they had to say:

  • Townhouse I am in love with old townhouses. I love the old world feel of those stairs and fireplace mantles. And I really like the idea of having a grassy outdoor space -- that’s priceless in NYC. Plus, I think neighborhoods with townhouses are much more neighborly. You can meet your neighbors outside your door, or talk to them from the garden, and smell what they are grilling. A penthouse you probably just come in off the street, get in the elevator and the elevator opens right into your apartment. - Teresa, Murray Hill
  • Penthouse I really want the views that come with a penthouse apartment. I think open views have the same calming effect as looking out onto the ocean. Well, okay, not quite, but they are nice. Bonus: you don’t have anybody walking above you, and that’s peaceful, too.  -Ryan, Upper West Side
  • Penthouse I’d live in an awesome apartment anywhere in the city. But being in a penthouse, I think, is really special. My father, who lives in a small town in Germany, came to visit me. I live on the 10th floor and he was just amazed at the view. He said it’s not often he gets to see a view like that. That’s so true! We take if for granted, but living in a “nest” in the sky is not something everybody in the world gets to do. -Andrea, Morningside
  • Penthouse My dream is to live in one of those penthouse lofts downtown with a private roofdeck, and endless views of the city. I really don’t like the idea of living in an old townhouse that I have to heat and maintain myself! - Kim, Chelsea
  • Townhouse Open plan living may be all the rage, but I really like the idea of having separate floors where family members can retreat and have some privacy and quiet. -  Julien, Brooklyn Heights
  • Penthouse I lived in a basement apartment of a townhouse once and I didn’t really like it. It smelled like mold all the time. And because the sun didn’t really get to the garden area, you couldn’t grow anything there. And it was always full of mosquitos that you couldn’t enjoy sitting out there for a long time in the evenings. My upstairs neighbor complained once that the stairs in the townhouse were all crooked. So yeah, I think a lot more work goes into living in your own house. -LaMeche, Upper West Side
  • Townhouse I love the rows of townhouses in my neighborhood, especially the ones that also have a small front garden. They make a street look safe and friendly.  I would love to live in my own house one day. I love to garden and barbeque! -Alvin, Bronx

Verdict: Penthouse −4, Townhouse - 3

Winner: Penthouse!

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