A new parking app means never having to deal with Muni-Meters again

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Good news for tech-savvy drivers (and others who don't like running out in the middle of dinner to pay a Muni-Meter). This week, the city's Department of Transportation launched ParkNYC,  a free app that allows drivers to pay the meters through their phones rather than having to put a credit card or coins in the meter.

After you download the app, you'll have to register your personal information (including a license plate number). The app works a bit like EZPass, meaning that you have to pre-pay to use it. It can be reloaded in increments as low as $75.

One major plus: If you're running out of time on your meter, you can easily extend it without returning to the car—probably the biggest pain in NYC street parking, second only to alternate-side shuffling. For those less tech-savvy drivers, Muni-Meters will still take credit/debit cards and coins.

Beginning this month, ParkNYC has become available from 14th to 59th streets in Manhattan. It's expected to be rolled out to the entire city by the middle of next year.

The city is the latest in a slew of innovators trying to make the nightmare of NYC parting easier. Other parking-related apps available in NYC include SpotHero and ParkMe, which help you find open spaces in local garages. SpotPog allows drivers to alert others when they're leaving a street parking spot.

Of course, this is the second piece of good transportation news coming from the city this week, after an alert that the Second Avenue subway is (finally!) becoming a reality in two weeks. Thanks for the early Christmas and Hanukkah presents, NYC!