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Breaking down the mystery of tipping staff, getting to know Richmond Hills, Queens, & more

By Jennifer White Karp | December 7, 2018 - 3:00PM 

This week, readers continued to flock to Brick Underground's tipping guide to find out much they should tip building staff. They also gravitated toward our deep dive into the vibrant and diverse neighborhood of Richmond Hill, Queens, which one resident called "the pre-mixing bowl" of the city's melting pot.

Here, in full, are the week's top stories:

1) Tipping building staff over the holidays: Brick Underground's 2018 Guide

2) Richmond Hill, Queens: The insider's guide to living there

3) Introducing The Ritz-Carlton Residences, North Hills: A five-star Manhattan vibe on serene Long Island, just a 30-minute train ride from Midtown(sponsored)

4) My building's new key fob system keeps locking me out. What do I do?

5) Ask Sam: I'm a co-op shareholder and I've been accused of 'objectionable conduct.' How do I respond?(sponsored)

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