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What the knob on your radiator does, selling now vs. waiting for spring, & more

By Austin Havens-Bowen | November 5, 2021 - 1:45PM 

This week readers visited Brick Underground for a guide to old-fashioned New York City radiators. They're noisy and usually too hot or too cold. Did you know they sometimes need maintenance too? And no, the knob on your radiator doesn't allow you to adjust the temperature. 

Also of interest: If you're an owner, should you sell now—or wait for spring? Brick turns to brokers who sound off on six different scenarios. 

Here are this week's top five posts: 

1) 6 things you really need to know about your NYC radiators

2) Is now the right time to sell in NYC? Brokers sound off on six scenarios

3) Barbara Corcoran: Prices are only going to go up in a U.S. real estate market 'gone bonkers'

4) From Windsor Terrace to Hell's Kitchen: Winning a housing lottery unit and escaping a hellish, bed bug-infested building

5) Has the pandemic changed what is a trophy property in NYC?

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